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Our services

We advise, connect and accompany French companies and individuals wanting to film and produce in South Africa (Namibia & Mauritius) via our network of professional partners on the ground.

We serve as liaison in Europe for the South African Film & Television Production company – DO Productions – for their own production projects where Co-production and Financing is sought.

With Paris-LeCap consulting you have access to 20 years’ business experience in Africa and a local contact.




South Africa is an ideal destination for the film industry and Cape Town is recognised as one as of the top 10 film production centres in the world and we happen to be based in this amazing city.
Diversity of locations, wonderful climate, easy accessibility, low operating costs and world-class local skills across the industry are the main ingredients that keep bringing foreign productions back to South Africa.
We offer first class facilitation, production intelligence, technical services and for long form pictures financial incentives.
If you are looking for a location destination or a co-production treaty – you have arrived!

Paris-LeCap Consulting’s partner is DO Productions – the can do signature that distinguishes owners and founders Marlow De Mardt and Brigid Olen from other companies.

DO Productions is a boutique and relationship orientated Production Company. Our Core strengths are integrity, excellent management, a wealth of experience and a full bouquet of services – including a collective with commercial guru’s – from preparation through to post production.

Bring your creativity to Paris-LeCap Consulting and we will marry your vision with logistics and smart solutions to keep the camera’s rolling and the director smiling. More than expertise, we offer an experience – one you will never forget!


Check out the projects in development at DO Productions and MOJOSTREAMING* and talk to us about coproduction possibilities on some of our projects.

*Our association with MOJOSTREAMING (Canada) on two of their projects is a new exciting adventure for us! Talk to us if you want to know more about our “Alpha Male” and “Wildlife-X” wildlife reality series in development.

Filming incentives

Eligible programme formats include feature films, tele-movies, television drama series and mini-series, documentary, documentary series and documentary features, animation and digital content / video gaming.

Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive


Applies to foreign productions with QSAPE of at least R12 million


Shooting on location in South Africa, the incentive will be calculated at 20% of QSAPE


Shooting on location in South Africa and conducting post-production with QSAPPE of R1,5 million in South Africa, the incentive will be calculated at 22,5% of QSAPE


Shooting on location in South Africa and conducting post-production with a QSAPPE of R3 million and above in South Africa, the incentive will be calculated as 25% of QSAPE and QSAPPE


Foreign post-production with QSAPPE of R1,5 million, the incentive is calculated at 22,5% of QSAPPE


Foreign post-production with QSAPPE of R3 million and above the incentive is calculated at 25% of QSAPPE


At least 50% of principal photography and a minimum of four weeks must be filmed in South Africa (this may be waived at the discretion of the Adjudication Committee)

For South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production Incentives, talk to us; The Do Productions team has many international co-productions under their belt!

Contact us! It will be a pleasure to help you out with all your filming project & to discuss our projects in development

Other services we provide

Our partner, GLOBAL REACH, a leader in international money transfer, is an additional service to the global filming offer provided by Paris-LeCap.


Our recommended partner is Global Reach, the specialists who have been helping corporates & individuals with their international money transfers all over the globe since 2002.

Global Reach for corporate foreign exchange: your business requires a one-off transaction or a complex, multi-currency hedging strategy.

Global Reach for moving money abroad: great rates and experts support is what you can expect from our partner, Global Reach.

At Global Reach, they believe in getting clients the most for their money and tailor their products and services to ensure each customer has a currency transfer that suits them perfectly. Your account manager can even lock-in a rate up to two years in advance to give your funds some stability, no matter how the market shifts.

Why do people choose Paris-LeCap?

With Paris-LeCap Consulting, you are connected. Our friends become your friends!


English may be the international business language but we understand that you may be more comfortable in your home language, which also happens to be one of the main languages spoken on the African continent. Connect with us in French or in English, we’ll adapt to your preferred choice of communication. 


We know and love South Africa and can’t wait to share both our knowledge and love of the country and continent with you.  We also have our roots in ‘The City of Lights’ and aim to connect both worlds.


Paris-LeCap Consulting and our local partners have a wealth of professional experience in their respective area of expertise on the African continent. 


Our bilingual “Liaison Executive” heading Paris-LeCap is based near Paris and can assist you locally in bringing your projects to South Africa. 


Our bilingual “Liaison Executive” will be present by your side on the field for all your filming projects in South Africa (and Mauritius). 


Paris-LeCap Consulting always makes sure to select only professional and reliable business partners whom we trust and like working with, and we’ll make sure you do too!


Because everything good in life begins with a passion and one shouldn’t be in this business without it.